New Babes class at Paddlesport 2015!


Babes with Blades is excited to introduce a new class at Jersey Paddler Paddlesport 2015 this year! The class is called The Proper Paddler: Body Mechanics for Women, and it’s going to be packed with seriously useful stuff masquerading as silliness and fun.

In the short term, proper body mechanics impact your stability, balance, and comfort in your boat. In the long term, they’re important to the health of your spine and joints. This class will show you how  your body works holistically, and how one small change has a ripple effect throughout your body.

We’ll be sitting on the floor to experiment with different grips, positions, and postures, and you’ll be able to feel the positive effects immediately.

This is an active class in which you will be trying new things and moving around. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and you’ll leave with some new good habits that you can use the next time you get into your boat.

We know a lot of you are going to be at this popular event, & we hope to see you there!

Body mechanics class for women kayakers

Did you know that a tight grip on your paddle limits your torso mobility?

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— Jay Gitomer

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