Babes with Blades Kayak Instruction

Further Faster – Our original forward stroke class
Ninja Paddler – Learn paddling concepts that will propel you to the next level
Rescues for Women -Use technique, not power, to get yourself & others into your boats
Rolling – Pretty straightforward. We’ll help you roll or improve your roll.
Which Way Do I Go? Navigation
Boat, Body, Balance – Learn the stability points of your boat and get wet
Hairdo Preservation – Edging and bracing
Bad Ass Class – Rough water discovery & dynamic water development (2-day class)

Further Faster

Tired of looking at the backs of men’s’ heads? You don’t have to anymore. We’ll show you that speed is not about strength, it’s about technique. Improve your forward stroke. Learn to use your whole body to increase your speed while decreasing your effort. Good for all skill levels.

Ninja Paddler

Elegance & efficiency go hand-in-hand in paddling. Learn to adjust your posture to increase speed, streamline movements to improve efficiency, and use your body to direct your boat. Paddle like a ninja – gracefully, stealthily, and with deadly accuracy! This is a new, improved version, so if you took it before, don’t fear — this is a new, more detailed curriculum. Good for all skill levels.

Rescues for Women

Many women feel that a lack of upper body strength limits their effectiveness in rescue situations. Not so, ladies! Technique and finesse can beat size and strength. This class will teach you how to re-boat even the largest swimmer with ease. Likewise, you’ll learn to slide onto your back deck instantly and easily. Good for all skill levels.


Get your first roll or bulletproof the one you already have. We will focus on rolls that rely on technique rather than power, so you’ll be able to come up smoothly and reliably. Our goal is to teach a roll that always works, even when you’re tired, and never hurts, even when you’re in rough water. Good for those with no roll or a sometimes-roll.

Which Way Do I Go? Basic Navigation for All Paddlers

This day-long class will provide the kayaker with the basic skills needed to plan and execute a paddle no matter what the water type or weather conditions.  You will learn how to use a compass, read a navigation chart, and plan for wind, tides and currents. The first half of the class will be hands on compass and charting exercises.  The second half of the class we will use the skills we learned in the morning and take a journey on the water following a charted course that is prepared by you.  Good for those new to navigation skills.

Boat, Body, Balance

This class will help you understand your own boat and your personal stability. Play with stability points, balance, and posture by moving around on top of your boat. Learn to use your posture and center of gravity to control your boat in any conditions. You will be wet. This class is plenty of fun, and a perfect class to take before a rolling class. Fun for everyone!

Hairdo Preservation: Balance, Edging, and Bracing

You know how your boat feels wobbly when you get to the top of your skill level in bumpy water? We can fix that. This class will teach you to recognize how far your boat can tip and how you can take it exactly that far and then recover with ease and confidence. We’ll cover balance, edging, and bracing in fun new ways. You’ll be surprised at what you can do, and you’ll also be wet. Good for beginner to intermediate paddlers.

Bad Ass Class (2 days) see full description:

Day 1: Rough Water Discovery

Gain confidence in conditions. This session will begin with edging and bracing in conditions, and then we’ll try out our skills on an ocean journey. Our emphasis will be on gaining comfort in rougher water. Contact us to see if this class is a good fit for you.

Bigger, Better, Bolder: Dynamic Water Skills Development

We will work our way into different levels of a tidal race as we develop skills in surfing and reading water. Contact us to see if this is the right kayak instruction for you.


There is no other kayak instruction like Babes with Blades on the East Coast, so don’t miss it! Call  443-579-5079 for more information.

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