Essentials for False Cape

Essential kayak navigation tools

Part 3 of 3 in our series on journeying

With our, Paddle through Time, just weeks away, here’s are tips for planning and packing:

  • Health experts say that a person should drink 64 oz. of water a day. We will be on the water for two full days. We will also need water for cooking and cleaning. Our primitive camp site does not have potable water. With warm air temperatures, and the physical activity of paddling, expect to consume more water than you drink in a typical day – even if you don’t drink the daily recommendation.
  • Our Paddle Through Time will begin with a launch from False Cape State Park. We will paddle eight miles to our camp site. Along the way, we will practice navigation and kayaking skills. Remember to bring a hiking compass, grease pencil and NOAA chart 12207, along with knowledge of the tides and weather for the weekend. A VHF radio and GPS will also come in handy if you have them.
  • Only pack what you really need, but be prepared for all weather conditions. At a minimum you should pack a: tent; ground cloth; sleeping bag; camp pillow; mattress; camp chair; cooking and eating utensils; Swiss Army knife; rain gear; dry clothes and foot wear; any medical supplies you require; head lamp; food for two days, and a camp stove with fuel.
  • Expect to need your camp stove for breakfast and dinner. Lunch should be something easily stored and nonperishable. Power bars, apples, oranges, almonds, etc. are good choices. You want something high in protein with some carbs to give you back some of that energy you will be burning from paddling.
  • We will be exploring the abandoned community of Wash Woods, and its ancient graveyard. Bring your walking shoes, so we can safely hike around this old village. Waterfowl of many varieties are known to reside in False Cape. A pair of binoculars might come in handy. You never know what you might see to add to your life list.

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— Kerry Pflugh

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