5 Faves – Jay’s Picks for Camping Gear


Here are just a few quick notes on camping gear I’ve found that I really like. Everybody has a few items they love. Tell us what yours are in the comments.


Perfect gear at a low price

All the function at 1/3 the price.

Coleman headlamp
I have 2 headlamps: a $39 headlamp from Petzl and a $13 headlamp that I bought at Walmart when I forgot to bring my expensive one on a camping trip. I haven’t used the expensive one since. The Coleman works exactly the same, except that it runs on AAA batteries that I can get anywhere instead of harder-to-find coin batteries.




Roll it up and stick it in a hatch.

Packs small, sleeps comfortably


Air sleeping pad
This item packs down really well, is very cheap, and is comfortable. The link is to a larger size than I have and it costs more; I got mine for about $20. It has an interior pump based on, I don’t know, the laws of physics? You just press it a few dozen times and the pad fills up. It takes about 5 minutes.




Bug suits beat bug spray every time. Cheap, effective, & easy to pack.

Bug suits beat bug spray every time. Cheap, effective, & easy to pack.

Mesh bug suit
Oh, this thing is crazy. You’ll look like a serial killer, but you won’t get bitten. I have the Coghlan’s brand, which you can get at any outdoor store. This item is inexpensive, and saves you from having to saturate your flesh in sticky poison.





Hot chocolate on demand

Hot water in 60 seconds


This was *not* cheap, but it boils water in 60 seconds. When you want your hot chocolate, every second counts.






Keep your head warm and dry

Be a hot head

This hat
Or a hat like this. It’s rain-proof and fleece-lined. You can tuck the neck covering up into the hat so you can control your body temperature. Plus, it stays on when paddling in the wind. With this hat, you won’t mind camping in the rain.





Bugs, rain, and sleeping on a tiny air pad–is this list getting you excited about camping? You know it is! What’s your most beloved piece of gear? Let us know in the comments. 

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— Jay Gitomer

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