And the Food…


A tablecloth. A jar of wildflowers. A jug of cool spring water. We take our dining seriously.

The Babes dining experience was inspired by a trip Kerry & Jay took to French-speaking Canada. Everywhere, even at roadside pull-offs & campgrounds, people took time to place a cloth, a wine bottle, and some fresh wildflowers on the table when they sat down to dine. We found that locally-sourced food was the norm, and we discovered that even the simplest sandwich tasted better when it came from a local farm & was served at a table with a little panache.

With that in mind, we decided that the food at every Babes retreat should be as local & pure as possible, and that our Babes deserve to relax in a setting of rustic elegance.

This year, each Babes retreat includes a community dinner on Saturday night & a simple breakfast on Saturday & Sunday. We source as much of the food as possible from local farmers, and we buy organic whenever we can.

And we don’t expect you to hunker down on your haunches with a plate balanced on your knee. That is not ladylike. You’ll sit in an actual chair & dine off an actual plate. You will even have an actual glass (a mason jar is a glass, right?)  for your beverage.

Here are some of the dinners we have planned for 2015:

  • Mediterranean chicken with lemon, olives, & capers
  • Provencal beef stew with red wine
  • Sweet & spicy turkey satsuma
  • Chicken & chickpea tagine
  • Cauliflower-cheddar pie
  • Locally-sourced salads and veggie side dishes
  • Double-apple cake
  • Amaretti cheesecake
  • Chocolate…
  • Chocolate…
  • … and more chocolate

And for breakfast…

  • Maple & walnut oatmeal
  • Hearty oats & grain
  • Local baked goods
  • Local fruits & berries
  • Local milk
  • Lots of coffee!
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