About Us


Kayak skills for women from female coaches.

Babes with Blades began after its founder, Jay Gitomer, was in a kayak surfing class that was randomly all female. The experience was so extremely and positively different from the usual mostly-male class that Jay started to think about how she could share that type of experience with other women, including female coaches. Babes with Blades was born. After the first year, Kerry Kirk Pflugh joined Babes with Blades to help expand our women-only kayak training events to serve new geographies and wider ranges of skills.

Our philosophy is that people learn kayak skills best when they’re happy, so every Babes event is built around the ideas of support, encouragement, and camaraderie. Women have a unique learning style, and our female coaches can serve that style best because we’re all women, too.  Babes events are the events we wished existed when we were learning to paddle.

Women can do everything a male kayaker can do, but we rely on technique instead of physical strength. Our female coaches know all the little tricks that will help you become the best paddler in your circle.  Do you want to paddle with the grace of a dolphin and the efficiency of a shark? That’s our goal for you, too.


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